Saturday, May 31, 2008

Animal Double Feature by Aspa Shirts

Well, first I must apologize for missing yet ANOTHER week - I had totally meant to do a vacation post, but my lack of time got the best of me!

Of course, Aspa noticed I was gone - that's funny, Aspa is next up on the design feature queue!

So, my apologies for the wait and to make up for it, here's a double feature from Aspa Shirts.

First is the "Red Dragon" design (which I've changed to the green dragon since that's my favorite color). It was neat to see the development of this one - Aspa had posted several incarnations of it to the Spreadshirt Forum, knocking around different ideas and colors, while playing with the design requirements. I honestly love the wings - very batty! The fire is designed nicely too, giving it a very rich, dimensional feeling.

Next is "Crocodile" which comes in two versions: a "full" colored one (on the white shirt) and a "simple" colored one (on the tan shirt). Both designs are 3 colors, but the latter has much more of a minimalist feel.

I meant to ask about this, but the design immediately makes me think of the "Lacoste" alligator (or is it a crocodile?).

Both these designs are perfect for your favorite animal (or mythical creature) lover! Check them out at the Insan Art Store and as always, if you don't like what you see, you can make your own!

Friday, May 16, 2008

the Squid Shop Re-Launch by Insan Art

This may be old news since I re-launched it a week or so ago, but the The Squid Shop is all new and available at!!!

There is an all new section for photos of people wearing their shirts and hats (and I haven't received any yet!) - for a limited time, I'm offering a free lightweight mens or womens t-shirt with the Squid Shop graphic of your choice to the first person that sends me a photo of themselves (or someone else) wearing one of my Booty Hunter hats while hanging out the window of a broken down car (like Early in the show intro). See the "show off" section of the site for details.

Also new is the "beyond the hats" section. It contains designs inspired by the show, but not from an Early hat. Designs available include the "Sharif Badge" (sheriff star for those who spell correctly) and the "Git Yer Yankee Ass Off My Property" slogan.

AND, IMPORTANT NEWS!!! - Spreadshirt is finally offering white flex-fit baseball caps starting May 30th so in the beginning of June, look for hats available in the Squid Shop!

Get on over to the all new Squid Shop and get yourself some spankin' new squid gear (or make your own!).

Search Spreadshirt Designs on Spreadtags!!

OK, this isn't a post on a single shirt - actually, it may as well be about millions of shirts!

I am very excited to write about a new site called "Spreadtags" - as many of you may know, Spreadshirt still does not have a Marketplace search system in place - this site searches the entire Spreadshirt Marketplace by tag/keyword!!

All the designers at Spreadshirt are patiently awaiting a Marketplace search, but in the meantime, we are all very excited about this site. It is well designed with a clean, easy-to-use interface. Search for a design by tag or keyword, then roll over the results to preview the images. BRILLIANT!

So, check it out today - Spreadtags! (this one is going in the links section!!!)

Church: We Have Cookies by SpokenVisuals

Growing up I wasn't exactly "churched" (lol), but recently, I've become a fairly religious person (I married a preacher's son and I was Baptized last year before our wedding in a creek in the ghost town I'm obsessed with) and I find a lot of religious shirts and humor quite amusing - especially the geek/humor designs from Spoken Visuals.

That's why I totally got a kick from Spoken Visuals' design, "Come to Church, We Have Cookies". I had to laugh when I first saw it because it made me think of all the times I have personally used that line to get other people to come to church in general or just get new people at our church to actually stay for the cookies afterwards (OK, sometimes it's crackers, but free food is free food!)....

So, if you like the design, get one on a shirt at the Insan Art Store or Make Your Own. (and, if you're in the Mansfield, PA area on a Sunday, stop by the Mansfield First Baptist Church - we have cookies!)

Supergirl by CardVibes

One of my favorite designs I've seen from CardVibes lately is their "Supergirl" rendition. Cardvibes is known for some super-cool designs with a strong comic feel. I think this design so far is the best from CardVibes. It is a really cute, simple and original twist on an already well known design.

I have a friend that is totally bonkers about super heroes - to him, each one of our friends represents a different super hero - some on the good side (Justice League) and some on the dark side (Legion of Doom). As soon as he saw this, of course, he said he has to get one for a girlfriend of ours who he calls Supergirl (and coincidentally has a crush on...).

Get this design on a shirt today for your Supergirl at the Insan Art Store or Make Your Own!

Love My Planet by Gladditudes

Well, it is a little late for Earth Day, but Spreadshirt already took care of recognizing "Love My Planet" by Gladditudes for that (this design was featured in their Earth Day 2008 promotion - congratulations Glad!).

This is a really wonderful design, and amongst the plethora of Earth Day designs out there, this one certainly stands out for a reason. Like most of the designs I feature, this one is simple and original. It states it's purpose without any fancy bells or whistles, and though it is available in 2 and 3 color versions, it works perfectly fine in one color (especially a green design on a green ORGANIC unisex jersey shirt!).

As far as I'm concerned, everyday is Earth Day - so grab one of these shirts today at the Insan Art Store or make your own on one of Spreadshirt's many organic products (or non-organic products if that's what you fancy).

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thank God for PA & State Forest Boundary by Insan Art

Thank God for Pennsylvania! And thank goodness, the PA State Store is officially open!

Lots of new PA designs will be coming soon, but right now there are 9 available including the "Thank God for Pennsylvania" design shown at the right.

One of the designs I am most excited about is the "Pennsylvania State Forest Boundary" design. Last week I ordered some sample shirts from Spreadshirt, including a PA State Forest shirt. Well, I received the shirts on Thursday and I've worn this one 5 times since I've gotten it! It is a huge hit and with the silver flex option it looks just like the real thing!

I've included a shot of my shirt so you can see how the silver and black flex looks on a real product! The reflective quality of the print is quite difficult to photograph, so I tried to crumple it up a bit to show the metallic effect.

Check out the PA State Store today and make a statement about the state you love! As always if you don't see something you like, you can make your own (please follow the make your own link in the shop).

Electrodynamics by Insan Art

Well, last week was a busy one again and even though I had figured out which five shirts I was doing, I didn't meet my deadline!

So, to start this week's five off is "Electrodynamics" from me, Insan Art.

This design was inspired by a book a friend of mine was toting around called "Principles of Electrodynamics". I thought that the cover graphic looked a lot like boobs, so I decided to do a design from it. I mean, what goes better together than geeks and sex humor?

Even if you don't think it looks like boobs, it does make a nice geometric/abstract The design is also available with the text "I Love Electrodynamics".

So, check it out! It's available at the Insan Art Store and if you don't see something you like, you can always Make Your Own!